TV/Soundbar Installation


Keep up with a Smarter Visual and Sound!

Have you always been fascinated how the TV works? The electrical process happening inside that wonder box and the various feelings it evoke as we watch, indeed always spark our curiosity. Until the invention of other hi-tech gadgets such as laptops and smartphones, we’ve been smitten with most of all the kinds of smart devices. What makes it even greater news is that we can connect everything into a single command!

Today, we can say that smart technology has already taken our hearts and mind as it became an integral part of our lives and of course, our homes. Just as how we have evolved from being pleased with simple entertainment, our living room gets a major revamp with home automation!


Create a smarter home with Inteliving

In a world of smart devices, home automation makes it possible for you to connect your smart TV,  AC, window panels, entertainment system like speakers and other tech devices – which make life fun and much more convenient.

With Inteliving, composed of professional home theater technicians and specialists, you can have an amazing automation system that matches your house and lifestyle. We can provide Smart TV installation, Cinemate setup, and high quality service for the home theater sound you’ve wanted to experience in every movie or music night.

You deserve no less, but the best. End the days of poor visual and sound. You can enjoy entertaining moments of movies and the beats of your favorite band as if you are watching in the big screen or j live at a concert.

TV and Sound Bar Installation

Who wouldn’t want to have a home that gives an elating feeling not just for you but for your house guests as well? Get to impress them and show how awesome it is to have a great installed Smart TV and Sound Bar!

Inteliving understand how tiring a busy day and how most people consider weekends officially as “time to unwind” moments. That is why with our specially designed visual and sound system, you can treat yourself for an awesome weekend night or even any days you feel like it.

We can provide you a sleek installation that provides an impressive home theater sound while at the same time give you the ability to add wireless speakers into the system.  Simply show us your house or the place you want it to be installed and we can do our magic!

It can be quite a mess and annoying if there are loops of wire and electrical outlet here and there. We, at Inteliving, understand that kind of predicament so we always prepared solutions to put a smile in each of clients. Creating low voltage access holes mostly at the bottom and placed directly behind your TV, we can provide a wireless installation. No need to worry about having a jungle of wires because all the necessary wires can run smoothly into the outlet boxes we have installed. It is all about wire concealment and guaranteed electrical services. With our cable management skills, we can secure a smooth run even for dual voltage electrical boxes and interconnect with HDMI cables.

Starting from the concept of completion and along every step, we will be here to provide a truly custom experience! Our team meshes cohesively in alignment to the principle of securing successful projects and of course, each and every of our client’s satisfaction.

Feel free to explore more of our services and you’ll soon find the reasons why you should hire us for your TV and Sound Bar installation project! Just like you, we wouldn’t have any other choice but the best for your home; and we are the best one out there!