About Us


What is Home Automation?

Picture With the latest technologies and products, keeping up to date and exploring how can we possibly maximize our lifestyle is one thing that matters to us all. Since it was introduced, Home Automation has catered to a great number of homes and is now very deliberately added to most new homes early in their planning stages. Through major advancements in technology, a lot of homes have been smart-integrated with that integration serving as an investment - either as a property or for lifestyle. This new idea has paved the way to a newer idea of an interconnected world – adjusting everything in just one click. Be able to dictate how a device reacts or set them in accordance to your preference. By receiving notifications, even when you are away from home, you can receive notifications of such things as unexpected water leaks, unexpected movement in the home, or anything you wish to know while you are out. It all comes down to you having the ability to have full control over everything.

Why InteLiving?

As home automation expert, InteLiving has the solutions and the technology specifically designed to connect your vision to the possibility of experiencing the life of living in today's smart home! We are a company established with the mission and passion of providing high-quality service when it comes to designing and installing any of the latest, upgraded electronic systems for your home. Combined with expert experience and professionalism, we can transform and custom design your home theater or home automation system. Taking the spot of being "the best in the business", our services include electronic systems for lighting, automated whole-house audio, as well as privacy/security system such as alarm systems. Our aim is to provide expert advice and to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as it should be - delivering an incredible InteLiving experience. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work; in line with the credibility we have built to meet every client’s standards. We strive to remain abreast of all advancements, keeping our customer satisfaction rate high.