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Have everything you want in a single command

Being at your home, with Home Automation by InteLiving, means living in your sweet tech haven – where there is no space for worries! All of your valuable possessions can be monitored and control from a single app, a single command. It is amazing how far technology has come but its more impressive with how fast its coming. Our team is committed to raising the bar of excellence when it comes to home automation systems. You will be beyond pleased with the attention of detail from our team.

Spend days with simplicity enjoyments and technical happiness.  Just imagine how great it would be to have everything you want within your reach. Well, this fact we create for you..

It is just within your fingertips – basically by clicking the CALL button just below!

Be problem-free with InteLiving

Customize the way your home and you interact, the way you want it to be! Some feel to have so many devices is a hassle, some programs are just to complicated, but with InteLiving we guarantee to match your smart home with your lifestyle. The technologies we presently have are making your wildest dreams not so far fetched after all.

Everybody admits it..some days you just need more assistance and more ease to the day. There are just not enough hours in the day...why worry if you locked the door, or turned on the alarm system? Why stress about the lights being on or off or the air conditioning thermostat set to the right temperature. All this data and control is in the palm of your hand!

Everyone wants to have a smart home down here in south Florida. We help you create your dreams into a reality. Our team looks forward helping you in the near future


Let us show you how you can maximize the power of home automation!

You can consult our reliable and professional team 24/7!
We are always ready to assist you – from the day you set an appointment until the time you get to experience everything done!

Tell us how you want to transform your house into a luxuriously smart home or upgrade your current automation system. We would love to hear it from you. Get in touch with us today!