Window Treatment


Window Treatment for A Smart Home.

Are you ready to take the next upgrade for your home? For today’s smart home, window treatment or innovative fashion for window covering is a matter considered by many. Since windows are important and functional part of the house, it will be hard to just ignore its’ role. Plus it will be quite aggravating if it doesn’t function well the way it should be. Just imagine a house without a single window. It will surely turn dark and gloomy. So what would be a better way to lighten your home other than allowing the natural sunlight to enhance and liven up the beauty of your sweet haven?

At Inteliving, we prided ourselves with our premium service when it comes to window treatment and window covering installations. Over the years, we have continuously designed topmost offers in servicing each and every of our clients across Florida.

As the industry leading expert, our professional team provides only the latest and cutting-edge solutions for home automation. Let us help you get started!

Beauty and Its’ Efficiency

If it’s about modern living, automated window treatment became an integral part for most smart homes – offering countless benefits to homeowners!

No need to worry for adjusting windows and shades, especially when it is exaggeratedly high to the point that there is no way you can simply reach out and close/open it. Let’s admit it; there are indeed windows in our house that are positioned in hard to reach places. It will be tiresome to always drag a ladder or a stool. But with the power of home automation, windows, shades or blinds can be programmed, controlled and easily adjusted to your needs.

That is why we are here; to provide you the automated solutions you’ve been looking for! We can assist you and all Florida homeowners to manage automated windows with ease and security; particularly in concern for child safety matters.

With Inteliving, you can enjoy living with technologically advanced windows that are adaptable in creating scenarios depending on what you would like for your house and it is energy-efficient!

We can seamlessly install your shades and blinds for you. Receive a guaranteed convenience without setting aside the style of your home as a sacrifice. You’ll have a fast and effective installation. Be able to choose in a wide-range of styles for the perfect window treatments and coverings. Plus they are eco-friendly so you’ll surely love them!

You can also control not just your shading but you AC with just a mere click of a button. And last but not the least, you’ll be able to utilize the natural lighting in your home; which by the way is therapeutic and good for you.

These are just a few of what you can look forward to once you put your “house-window” issues into our reliable hands! Our expertise started with ideas that are meticulously crafted for you!

It is in your hand – the power to make your home a beautiful reflection and extended piece of you. Schedule an appointment today. Or you can complete our form to let us know how we can help you transform your house into a smart home that’s full of light and life!